Nestled in the cradle of nature, Steelmans Public School is a nurturing community of students, which welcomes a rich diversity of backgrounds and ethnicities, following the Central Board of Secondary Education (C.B.S.E) curriculum from primary classes to XII grades. Committed to the pursuit of excellence, the school prides itself in being an institution which encourages its students to share their perspectives, so as to facilitate the students to be critical of the world and to gain a thorough understanding.Steelmans Public School is an educational eco system which is home to students hailing from varied backgrounds. Providing them with the highest aspirations in learning, the school works tirelessly towards inculcating values that would help them meet challenges in their present and future lives. Nurturing the ideas of self awareness and self respect, Steelmans Public School help the students acquire a seasoned set of values and beliefs which make them in their own to live lives as independent, self motivated adults with the will to contribute to the welfare of others and of the society.

The school’s infrastructure helps promote creativity in the students while serving as a relaxing environment to inspire a yearning for knowledge. Comprising of over 39000 square feet of state of art infrastructure spread over 6 acres of landscaped greens, school promotes a holistic learning environment. Weaving a strong moral fabric which promotes ethical thinking and behaviour. Steelmans Public School seeks to shape future citizens who pride themselves in their wisdom, leadership and education, which has become a hallmark of our value based schooling.

“We Can Because We Think We Can”